How Much Does Radio Advertising Cost?

What does Radio advertising cost? Great question! How much airtime do you want? That’s the answer. All ad campaigns are different, just look at your advertising budget in other areas. How much does your newspaper advertising cost? Ask your business friends and they’ll give you different replies. Do you want hourly, daily or weekly exposure?

An owner with a single store may spend $5000 a month and get some solid exposure whilst a chain store might invest ten times that number during a specific campaign.

When you’re driving around in your car, you hear the same ads time after time, so you know they work. If you want to get the word out about your product, you need to air your ads many times during the day. Regular radio advertisers know that to get results you need to air your ad frequently to get results.

They are prepared to invest to get their messages heard. Rather than asking about radio advertising costs you should ask what investment am I prepared to make to ensure that they work.

That’s all fine but what does it cost! You need to think about how many people will get to hear your message for a good CPT (cost per thousand). It’s better than any other method available today. Prices will be different from town to town, talk show to talk show and will also depend on the time of day you want to air your message.

Popular stations will charge you more than less popular stations and prices inside a popular station will vary depending on shows that you want to use. It all depends on who your customers are…

Radio is a great medium because it has really flexible costs and availability to almost any business. You really don’t need a mega budget.

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