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A new report by the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) indicates that radio has now seen seven consecutive quarters of growth. In addition, digital, off-air, and network broadcasts are all now seeing strong gains in advertising revenue.

“The positive growth we’ve seen over the twenty-one month period is unprecedented since the late 1990’s. Once again, this underscores Radio’s strength during these unusual economic times,” says Jeff Haley, President and CEO of RAB.

Radio’s 2% Q3 increase to $4.527B caps seven consecutive quarters of upward momentum.  Revenue for year-to-date through September is also up 2% over the same period last year, to $12.891B.

Spot Revenue maintained its steady course, while Network spending grew 2%. Digital once again posted the largest increases for the quarter (+17%) and year-to-date (+18%), with other Off-Air up 10% and 8% for those periods, respectively.

“Advertisers’ expanding use of Digital and Off-Air platforms to complement their sustaining broadcast commitment strengthens Radio’s current and long term viability,” stated Haley.

“The live and local environment that Radio offers provides an ideal platform for a diverse group of advertisers to zero in on their target audiences,” adds Haley.  “This strong marketing mix affirms Radio’s position as a trusted partner to many, including this group representing the top ten for Q3.”

Read the Full Report Here (opens in new window as PDF)

Radio Adds Nearly 2 Million Listeners a Week

As Arbitron readies its full release of RADAR 109 on 6/20, it announced some of the data from the report. Broadcasters added more than 1.9 million weekly listeners in the past year.  Additionally, radio is attracting more young listeners, with the number of weekly listeners 18-34 and 12-17 rising.  Radio now reaches nearly 66.5 million […]

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4 Tips for Effective Radio Ads

Make your message RELEVANT and about THE LISTENER By creating a message that’s relevant to your target demo’s life, they’ll create an interest in your commercial, and want to know more. Once you get a listener WANTING to learn about your product or service, their minds are open to absorb information, and you can brand […]

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3 Commandments of Radio Advertising

1. Don’t Underestimate The Power of Radio The voice is a wonderful thing. Used properly, it can move you to tears, unleash a fury of anger, sooth both physical and mental pain, irritate you like chalk on a blackboard, hypnotize you into the most embarrassing behavior, fire you up & motivate you to accomplish the […]

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Why Radio Works

In the marketing world, radio has earned the reputation of being the odd step-cousin. You know the one. No one knows quite what to do with him. Especially at family gatherings when everyone tries hard to avoid sitting with him. (After all, who knows WHAT he’ll start talking about.) Much of that reputation comes from […]

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